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Management Trainee

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Title: Management Trainee
Reports To: Operations Manager and ShowPlace Arena Manager
FLSA Status: Exempt

This is a professional level administrative and supervisory position working with the Agricenter Operations Manager and ShowPlace Arena Manager. Additional opportunities with other departments will be part of the training program. This position is responsible for working alongside managers and accepting and delegating responsibilities and duties, with the goal of eventually becoming an Assistant Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Work with other managers to plan and direct the work of the organization.
2. Help set policies.
3. Handle established accounts to gain familiarity.
4. Adhere to guidelines of formal written training program.
5. Attend periodic evaluations.
6. Achieve a passing score in all areas of the management training program in order to continue in the program.
7. Identify trends and recommend proactive or remedial action to manage business situations.
8. Manage the janitorial staff, setup staff, maintenance staff, and all day, night, and weekend staff.
9. Provide assistance and support for the setup and teardown of special events held at Agricenter and ShowPlace Arena.
10. Schedule and lead quarterly safety/fire procedure meetings with tenants; communicate these procedures to show coordinators.
11. Schedule inmates and correspond with the AOC.
12. Communicate with promoter during events to ensure all their needs are met.
13. Ensure that all employees are properly trained and/or certified.
14. Prepare monthly inmate schedules and reports for the Shelby County Division of Corrections.
15. Prepare orders for shavings and cleaning supplies.
16. Perform related work as required.
17. Handle client complaints, requests for information, and problems.
18. Collect all pertinent event information from promoters, vendors, etc.
19. Other duties as assigned by the President.

1. Four-year degree in Ag Business, Business, or Marketing.
2. Some experience with livestock.
3. Good customer service skills.
4. Professional communication skills.
5. Ability to multi-task.
6. Experience in working arena dirt and driving a tractor.
7. Ability to work varied hours, including some nights and weekends, based on scheduled events.
8. Must be able to pass a background check and drug test.
9. Must have a valid driver’s license.
1. A letter that outlines qualifications and interest.
2. Original copies of all transcripts.
3. Names, postal and email addresses, and phone numbers of five references.
Submit materials by mail to John R. Butler, President, Agricenter International, 7777 Walnut Grove Rd., Box 9, Memphis, TN 38120, or via email to


Based on the interest from undergraduate and graduate students in our organization we are pleased to offer an internship during the fall, spring, and summer.  Internships can focus on non-profit work, education, or research. Each semester, 1-2 interns will be selected from this competitive program to serve as intern. Internships are non-paid, but we will work with your college or university regarding class credit, if desired. 

Download the non-paid internship application by clicking here.  

Deadlines for Applications:

Summer internship application is due May 1

Fall is due July 1

Spring is due December 1


We are always looking for new talent. Please submit your resume for review. We will contact you as we have opportunities that may be the right fit.