How do you make sorghum syrup?

Last week I took a field trip out our back door to see the process at work! Delta Biorenewables, a start-up on the Agricenter campus, is one of the top producers in the country of sweet sorghum syrup (known as sorghum molasses in the South). - making about 10,000 gallons annually. A co-product is premium horse bedding, made from the plant fiber. From one acre of sweet sorghum cane grown at Agricenter (it’s taller than corn but is processed like sugar cane) Delta Biorenewables can make about 200 gallons of syrup and 2 tons of bedding. Drought tolerant sweet sorghum is a heritage crop. In 1890,it was grown in 44 states to produce 25 million gallons of table sweetener, but  has been all but forgottensince being replaced by the refined white sugar industry around 1900.