Agricenter International sits on 1,000 acres of farmland and 600 of those acres are used in field trials and crop production.  In April 2016, our farmers prepared the ground for the spring planting.  A precision tractor, guided by GPS and on loan from our tenant, Case New Holland, was used to break up last year's field.  A disk, pulled on the back of the tractor, turned the dead stalks into the ground. It is a very bumpy ride on the tractor during this process.  The tractor is self-guided and only needs assistance in turning at the end of the fields. After the field was disked, a do-all, again pulled on the back of the tractor, was used to break up the lumps.  Next, a hipper, also sometimes called a bedder, was then used to make very straight beds of soil.  After hipping was complete it rained so we had to wait a week before we could plant. By mid-April we got the planter out and filled it up with corn for one of the fields.  

In July we had many crops established and small ears of corn starting to form.