Drone Research Collaboration


May 23, 2016

901Drones and UTIA join in Drone Research Collaboration at Agricenter International

Memphis, TN - University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture’s Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science program is researching the use and benefits of aerial data collection using drones in precision agriculture.  Dr. Michael F. Buschermohle has partnered with 901Drones, located at Agricenter International, to collect remote sensing data on cotton and soybean research plots during the 2016 growing season using the research fields at Agricenter International.

Objectives of the studies are to use drones effectively to measure soybean plant population for determining replanting decisions and to monitor soybean plant growth throughout the growing season. Another objective is to monitor cotton plant moisture stress throughout the growing season with thermal imagery. Results of these studies will be presented to crop producers at agricultural field demo days and made publicly available.

Brandon Turk, president of 901Drones, added about the process, “We will use a variety of multi-rotor and fixed wing drones equipped with sensors like RGB, NIR and FLIR cameras to capture data at different flying altitudes to compare them for best results.” 

John Butler, President-Elect of Agricenter International said “We are pleased to have 901Drones on our campus.  We see direct application of how the technology of unmanned aerial vehicles applies to agriculture in allowing farmers to do a better job of providing more abundant, safer food and fiber.” 

901Drones is locally owned and operated with its offices and base of operation at Agricenter International.  The company has an FAA 333 exemption for its commercial operation, all its drones are commercially insured and FAA registered. 901Drones is a full subsidiary of Express Drone Parts LLC, a Drone Technology Company. For more information visit www.901drones.com or call 901-248-6120. 

Agricenter International is a non-profit dedicated to agricultural research, education, and conservation.  For more information visit www.agricenter.org or call 901-757-7777.


Read the press release here.