Science of the Solar Eclipse


August 18, 2017

Science of the Solar Eclipse

MEMPHIS, TN --- On Monday, August 21 (9:30 – 11:00am), Agricenter International will host 675 students for a pre-eclipse STEM class on the science of the solar eclipse.  The class is at capacity with: Granville T. Woods Academy, Kate Bond Middle, Belle Forest Community School, Evans Elementary, Hickory Ridge Middle, Brewster Elementary, and home school groups from HomeLife Academy and Homeschool Roster.  Students from Shelby County 4-H, Shelby County 4-H Forestry and Wildlife Group, and Crittenden County 4-H will also be there. 

Tim Roberts, Director of Education for Agricenter International, said, “We are thrilled that the eclipse will be crossing overhead and are looking forward to teaching students the science behind what is going to happen on Monday.”

The STEM class will feature speakers from the National Weather Service and UT-Extension who will discuss the sun, what an eclipse is, the types of the eclipse, the rarity of total eclipses, and what we will see in the Mid-South.  Students will learn what is happening to the flora and fauna on the farm during the eclipse and what will happen with the Solar Farm. Each student will be given a Pin Hole projector to safely view the eclipse and take a photo of the event that they will be able to keep as a souvenir. 

The session is full; however, the media is welcome to join.


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