Media Release - Students Guaranteed a Job when they Graduate from High School


July 18, 2018

Students Guaranteed a Job when they Graduate from High School

MEMPHIS, TN – In a surprise announcement during a recent class of Memphis-Shelby County Ag Tech Summer Youth Program, students learned that three of them are guaranteed a job upon graduation from high school.  Bob Wilson, CEO and Managing Partner of H.Saga International/Port Alliance Logistics, and major funder of the Ag Tech Summer Youth Program, gave his personal life story and ended with an enormous opportunity for three lucky students.  Wilson said, “A lot of people believe in you or you wouldn’t be here today in this program.  The first three students to call me after graduation, I will guarantee you a job in my company.” With this promise, he is not just investing in the Ag Tech Program, but in the students’ future. 


Wilson told the students that the three most important things that will help them succeed are building relationships, choosing to do the work no one else wants to do and doing it well, and believing in themselves no matter what their history may be. He stated, “You might be sitting next to the most important person in your future, so put aside your differences.”   Wilson had people in his life that believed in him when he needed it most and is passionate about supporting youth development in order to create a better community.


John Butler, President of Agricenter, stated, “I was blown away by the big heart that Bob has. He firmly believes in this program and he’s willing to go the extra mile to invest in these students. What an incredible opportunity for these young people to have a job the day after they graduate from high school.” 

In its second year, the Memphis-Shelby County AgTech Summer Youth Program is a 6-week youth employment and workforce develop program hosted by Agricenter International. Students are paid a stipend to attend, giving them a 30-hour work week. Students focus on four key components: career readiness, agriculture, life skills (financial awareness), and STEM activities including drone building and operation. Students were selected from varying regions across the Shelby County area. 

This opportunity is provided by these sponsors: Agricenter International, UT-TSU Extension, H. Saga International/Port Alliance Logistics, Northeast Kiwanis Club, Express Drone Robotics, and Greater Memphis Alliance for a Competitive Workforce. 


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