Agricenter To Host “Davos on the Delta” Field Day

MEMPHIS, TN – On Monday, May 13, Agricenter International is hosting a field day for Davos on the Delta conference attendees.  Over 300 industry thought leaders and experts in agriculture and technology will attend the four-day conference at the Peabody Hotel.  This is the third year that Davos on the Delta has been holding conversations about the future of the global food system and encouraging new investment.  The conference is hosted by iSelectFund, and you can learn more about registering to attend the conference by visiting:


At the field day, attendees will hear from Commissioner Charlie Hatcher of TN Dept of Agriculture and John Butler, President of Agricenter.  Fred Nichols of Archer Malmo will speak about how their advertising firm partners with Agricenter to operate the Archer Acre.  Pete Nelson, President of AgLaunch, will discuss its mission and partnership with Agricenter.  There will be a panel discussion about robotics startups led by Dan Harburg of Indigo. 

John Butler, President of Agricenter International, said, “It is so important to be a part of this event to connect innovators with investors in the Ag space.  This is an amazing event for Memphis and the Delta Region.” 

Moving into the field, the attendees will see field demonstrations from companies such as Autonomous Pilot, Aware Vehicles, Earth Sense, GroGuru, PheNode, Rabbit Tractors, Sentera, and Shepherd. 

Davos on the Delta will continue until May 16th with luminaries such as Governor Bill Lee, General Mills’ Jerry Lynch, Indigo Agriculture’s David Perry, and Benson Hill’s Matt Crisp.

Agricenter International, a 1,000-acre farm, is a non-profit dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of agriculture.  It has a $524 million annual economic impact on the region, hosts over 1.3 million visitors annually, and educates 10,000 students a year. For more information visit or call 901-757-7777.



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