Agricultural Crop Research

Agricenter International is a leader in agricultural field crop research. Through its work with agribusiness, university systems, and government and non-government organizations, Agricenter provides a professional forum for the unbiased development, evaluation, demonstration, education, and marketing of the latest and most advanced agricultural technologies and products.

The strength of Agricenter lies in our ability to conduct applied field research & development and in our unique location in the heart of Shelby County, a place many consider the epicenter of southern row-crop agriculture.  The Agricenter farm consists of 700 acres of uniform silt loam soils and irrigation capabilities ideal for most research plots. Agricenter research services range from turn-key protocols to performance evaluation trials to product demonstrations and almost anything in-between. Our work assures client confidentiality, quality research, and reliable data management.  Research is conducted on most all Mid-South Crops including corn, cotton, soybeans, rice, sorghum, and winter wheat.  Other specialty crops have been grown on Agricenter as well, such as tomatoes, snap beans, and peanuts. 

We annually conduct over 100 research trials for more than 30 companies.  Agricenter will guarantee total confidentiality in your results, if desired, while bringing you quality research.  We have the latest software (ARM) commonly used for analyzing research data. We also have onsite The National Weather Service, where we can obtain all environmental data. 

For more information regarding Agricenter's research services, please contact Dr. Bruce Kirksey via email: or by calling 901-355-9124.